109E-6250-Kit - Pre-crossflow and crossflow 4 Cyl Camshaft Kit

Pre-crossflow and crossflow cam shaft with wider lobe machined from billet steel. Later camshaft with the offset locating dowel, supplied with 105E-6256-B later sprocket - with two bolts part number 20326-S7 and Camshaft dowel 109E-6253. Fitted to all pre-crossflow and many crossflow engines. With the exception of the Lotus Cortina and Cortina GT, which use a high-profile performance cam shaft.
105E (997cc)
107E (997cc)
307E (997cc)
113E (1198cc)
3014E (1300cc)
109E (1340cc)
116E (1500cc)
120E (1500cc)
122E (1500cc)
2733E (1098cc)
715M (1098cc)
2737E (1600cc)