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Small Ford Spares

Small Ford Spares are specialist mail order suppliers of parts and spares for Ford, Fordson and Thames side valve vehicles built 1932-1962, together with the Aquaplane range of tuning equipment. We offer some coverage for the overhead valve 105E/123E models.
we cover:-

  • 8hp passenger models Y Tudor and Fordor, 7Y eight, E04A, E494A Anglia
  • 10hp passenger models Deluxe C & CX, 7W ten, E93A, E493A Prefect, 103E Popular
  • 100E, 101E passenger models Anglia, Prefect, Popular, Escort, Squire and model 107E new Prefect
  • 105E and 123E Anglia saloon or estate
  • 8hp commercial models Y, 7Y, E04C and E494C van
  • 10hp commercial models Fordson / Thames E83W van, pick-up and utilecon
  • 300E model commercial 5cwt and 7cwt van
  • 307E and 309E Thames/Anglia van

Our stock range includes most parts, whether new old stock, remanufactured, reconditioned or used.

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