Ethanolmate - ETHANOLMATE - Protect against the corrosive effects of fuel containing ethanol! (250ml)

ETHANOLMATE is the leading product for use with ethanol-containing petrol - E10 and E5. Designed as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stability improver and biocide. Added to the tank when re-fueling, ETHANOLMATE helps prevent fuel degradation in storage in the fuel tank. It provides excellent protection against fuel system corrosion due to increased acidity which can occur when petrol containing ethanol is stored for any length of time e.g. in vehicles over winter.

Dispensed from a plastic bottle (with graduated optic) at refuelling time this is the simple way to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of ethanol. Prevents acid formation due to deterioration of the ethanol component in fuel. Protects against acid corrosion in metal fuel line components. Protects against gum and resin build-up and carbon deposits. Cleans carburettors, injectors, filters and fuel lines of existing deposits. It can improve driveability, increase fuel economy, restore power and reduce emissions. Suitable for use in 2 and 4-stroke engines. It can be used with leaded petrol, LRP, octane boosters and catalytic converters.
Most engines manufactured prior to 1996 would benefit from the use of ETHANOLMATE.

Bottles are 250ml which will treat 250 litres of fuel (approx. 54 gallons).
Please note: Bottle labels may vary by batch, content is identical.


Ethanolmate MSDS

Material Safety Data Sheet for Ethanolmate