XXL40-G - Castrol CLASSIC XXL40 - 1 Gallon

Castrol Classic XXL 40 is high quality monograde engine oil recommended for single and multi-cylinder engines under road and competition conditions. Castrol Classic XXL 40 must not be mixed with either Castrol R30 or R40 or any other synthetic or castor/synthetic based oils. Application Castrol Classic XXL 40 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline engines where an SB performance level is required. Advantages -Castrol Classic XXL 40 is formulated for: Cars: Summer use in petrol engines Winter use in engines which would otherwise have high oil consumption Some manually operated gearboxes Motor Cycles: Summer use in twin-cylinder 4-stroke engines Certain motorcycle gearboxes Castrol Classic XXL40 is a premium SAE40 monograde oil. Formulated with high quality mineral oils, plus carefully selected additives, it is ideally suited to older technology and classic car engines. •For pre-1950 cars and pre-1970 motorcycles •A high quality SAE 40 monograde engine oil •Recommended for single and multi-cylinder engines under road and competition conditions •Also recommended for many single and multi-cylinder pre 1970 classic motorcycles for engine and gearbox lubrication If you are unsure as to which oil type you require please visit Castrol Classic Oil Finder


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