Y-6102 - piston set 8hp (short, small pin)

Set of 4 pistons with small piston pin, complete with rings, pins, clips etc. available in the following sizes. standard, oversize 0.010" (+10), oversize 0.020" (+20), oversize 0.030" (+30), oversize 0.040" (+40), oversize 0.050" (+50) or oversize 0.060" (+60).
compression height from pin to top approximately 24mm, gudgeon pin 9/16" diameter (14.29mm). used in early model Y engine.
some piston have 3 ring each, other 4 rings -due to these being of different makes, the picture of the piston is representative of this part only. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY - please check.
please note that some have end clips, others centre clips. see additional picture for difference.