B380 - 12 volt double contact BAY15D offset pins 5/21 watt auto bulb

12 volt double contact BAY15d offset pins 5/21 watt. dimensions 24mm wide x 48mm tall with 15mm dia cap, use side/stop/flasher. Ford part 100E-13465-B. For LED options please see part numbers B380LEDWB380LEDWW and B380LEDR. Combined number plate illumination, stop and tail lamps are also available:

  • BAY15D fitting with warm white LEDs plus two very bright Cree LEDS - CSTLEDWWR-12Y

  • BA15D fitting with warm white LEDs plus six bright red LEDS - CSTLEDWWR-12 - a very compact light, designed specifically for our 288 part number series lamps (equivalent to Lucas L582) where bulb space is limited

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