Lamps for Ford - Prefect, Model E493A (1949 to 1953)



Price from: £25.20 each (£30.24 inc. VAT)
rear lamp bulbholder and base plate, formed metal base plate with bulbholder 140mm long x 35mm wide, with two captive nuts (128mm centres), double contact bulb holder with offset pins to suit...
Price from: £29.40 each (£35.28 inc. VAT)
700 headlamp unit for pre-focus type bulb. with pilot hole for side lamp . please note that this part is marked for right hand drive. the actual bulb fitted can govern the dip pattern.
Price from: £23.80 each (£28.56 inc. VAT)
red rear lamp lens (cheese dish shape)
Price from: £129.30 pair (£155.16 inc. VAT)
angled wing mounting stop/tail lamp, as supplied by the ford motor co. for fitting to the E93A Prefect 1939 - 1948. supplied as a "ready to fit" lamp, 61mm x 149mm base x 53mm height (not...
Price from: £1.95 Each (£2.34 inc. VAT)
headlamp glass to reflector cork seal, 4.5mm x 7mm x 750mm long
Price from: £54.60 each (£65.52 inc. VAT)
rear stop, tail and number plate lamp, single red oblong lens in black body 112mm x 50mm (measured at base) with clear side lens, double contact bulb holder, two mounting bolts with 44mm hole...
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