E0A-13011 - 7" British Pre-focus headlamp unit - NO side lamp hole

7" Headlamp unit for British Pre-focus type bulbs, equivalent to Lucas 700 type. Please note that this part is marked right hand drive, though the actual bulb fitted can govern the dip pattern. Please search the BPF DC P36D base in 'All Bulbs' caltegory on www.classicbulbs.co.uk to see LHD, RHD and vertical dip pattern bulbs. Most commonly used with incandescent bulbs B312B (6V), B370 or B414 (12V) and B437 (24V).

For Halogen upgrades, please see part numbers B6721BHB (6V) and B414BH (45/40W 12V) or B463BH (60/55W 12V) - also B463BHT, a 60/55W halogen upgrade bulb with a 36mm British Pre Focus base plate but an H4 (3 spade) connection for convenience.

Suitable for LED conversion on pre-1986 vehicles - a range of British Pre Focus LEDs are also available! - please search the LED Headlamps category for P36D base options - popular part numbers include P36DLED-S30 and P36DLED-S30L and now the popular P36DLED-P43 available in 6 and 12V.

Diagrams including 7" British Pre-focus headlamp unit - NO side lamp hole