CE-6331/2/3 - main crankshaft bearing shell set

replacement bearing shell set for crankshaft main bearings, specify size required. normal sizes suit crankshaft re-grinds of standard, less 0.010", less 0.020", less 0.030", less 0.040", less 0.050" to a maximum of less 0.060"

note standard crankshaft main bearing journal size measures 1.623" (41.22mm), undersize measure by 0.010" = 0.254mm, 0.020" = 0.508mm, 0.030" = 0.762mm, 0.040" = 1.016", 0.050" = 1.270mm, 0.060" = 1.524mm. please carry out machine work on engine parts when you have the replacement pieces actually to hand. we can not be held responsible for any variations on measurements which are for guidance purposes only.

Diagrams including main crankshaft bearing shell set