sfrr - English & Australian Small Fords Recognition & Restoration (1932-1962) by Bill Ballard

Lavishly illustrated, easy to read, 160 page soft bound book, A4 format (21cm tall x 30cm wide approx). 287 photographs of which 120 are in colour. Well-known Ford historian Bill Ballard has set out to catalogue, in chronological order, all the small (8hp, 10hp & 100E) cars and their commercial derivatives that were built by the Ford Motor Company in England and Australia. The book helps identification and provides full specification detail. ISBN 1 876720 07 7 no VAT on books and publications

details exterior trim & fittings available, interior trim and fittings available, upholstery and trim colours, wheel colours, paint colours,codes and years applicable for different countries, body styles and options, official production figures, Briggs body production figures including North American figures.