WOL-7006 - Wooler aluminium clutch cover

Remanufactured aluminium gear box bell housing/clutch cover to the Wooler pattern. This enables the fitting of a 4 speed 105E Anglia type gearbox to a 100E engine. This was a period part to overcome the gearing of the original 3 speed 100E unit. Weight 2100gm. Will require some machining. 

Dimensions :-

Flange (bell housing) bolts to the engine 277mm tall x 277mm wide.

Gearbox mounting face 200mm tall x 185mm wide.

Depth (front to back) 85mm.

Casting thickness 9.5mm

please note that fitting involves other changes - namely gearbox mount, gear change position, prop shaft etc.

Fitting Instructions

please see customers comments

Fitting Instructions

wooler housing instructions